Make It Happen Intentional Goal Planner
  • Right now there is a power in taking on the mindset that you are going to make it happen - no questions asked. When questioned or in a situation to know there are some obstacles in front of you - what can you do? So what do you tell yourself? What do you tell your team? How will you simply "make it happen" and get the result you want? Maybe you've image already employed this simple state of mind in your life - on the other hand, maybe this is a method that might help you get that tough task done, or get through that project you are struggling with at the office, or more importantly get you nearer to attaining your dreams and goals. Making it happen is a way to transcend your state of mind past your obstacle. Think it over - you are essentially painting a picture of yourself having your obstacle in the rear view mirror. Here are 9 methods and techniques to get you to simply "make it happen":
    Break it Down. It's common for cumbersome tasks and difficult situations to be very overwhelming, which could end you in your tracks. Spending off debt is a great example. A large sum of debt is very overwhelming when you have a set income. Your own goal is paying it off - but you are overwhelmed because it may seem like it will take eternally. Create temporary goals - how much can you save / payoff in three months? Breaking it down makes it workable, it allows you to follow through, and in the final - you make it happen.
    Be Tough. Be Persistent. Life is not easy and occasionally you simply have to strengthen up and continue plowing forward. You have to be willing and ready for letdowns. You'll have people wanting to bring you down if you are very ambitious and enthusiastic about what you are doing. Believing in what you are doing allows you to have that thick skin, that toughness that doesn't let anyone or anything knock you off your path to "Making It Happen. "
    Gain Perspective. It's common to get too created in the data. Stay away from burying yourself with too much detail and data ALL the time. Although it's important to be an expert when you need to "make it happen", it's just as important to have the ability to get perspective as if you were an outsider. Gaining perspective fuels your creativeness and allows your long-term vision to step into action.
    Have an Attitude. Don't go around knocking papers off your coworkers' desks because you need to have an attitude! Light a fireplace under your ass because you have the right attitude. Attitude drives behavior - and when you have to be concentrated and creative - a positive attitude is just what you can use to your advantage.
    Recognize Development. Following these ideas to "Make It Happen" enables you to track your progress because you are breaking it down into short-term goals. Initial goals are easy to track and let you to follow through at a higher rate. So take some pressure off of yourself after completing some goals and congratulate yourself. Award yourself in some way - and you'll be even more fired up to continue your progression.
    Get Project Make It Happen inspired.
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